How I Help

Catherine Fletcher-Liddell with a patient at CF Foot Clinic Basingstoke

How I Help

Catherine Fletcher-Liddell with a patient at CF Foot Clinic Basingstoke

Keeping you pain free, mobile and living life to the fullest

Why put up with sore feet?

Whether you have problem nails, verrucae or hard skin, foot pain, heel pain or ankle pain - find out how I can help you below...

Catherine Fletcher-Liddell with a patient at CF Foot Clinic Basingstoke
Catherine Fletcher-Liddell with a patient at CF Foot Clinic Basingstoke

Fungal Nail Infections

The Pain

Discoloured and deformed nails are not something anyone wants. It can be embarrassing and limit you in the things you want to do.

The Impact

There’s nothing worse than being embarrassed about something physically and have it limit what you want to do. With fungal nail infections they can play a huge part in picking what shoes you wear, your holiday locations and activities, even whether or not you take that aqua fit lesson or do your daughter's hen weekend at a spa.

If Unresolved

Fungal nail infections can leave the nails brittle, crumbly, thick, yellow or brown and smelly if left. It can spread to other nails and cause other problems like pain and discomfort in shoes.

Before and after a toenail has been treated with fungal nail treatment

Treatment Options

The good news is that there are ways to treat the infection. From topical treatments, to Lacuna method or using Clearnail.

In clinic I am able to diagnose nail infections and determine what the best treatment method for you is.

Ingrowing Toenails

The Pain

Do you have a painful ingrowing toenail? Is it bleeding or weeping (or starting to smell)? Can't wear shoes comfortably? Can't do the things you want to do? Don’t want to show your toe to anyone?

The Impact

Ingrowing toenails can have such a negative impact on your life. Sometimes even just having a sock or bed sheet on a painful ingrowing nail can be agony. A painful ingrowing toenail can prevent you from doing the things you love like walking the dog, going for a day out, or even going on holiday.

If Unresolved

I have seen ingrowing toenails become extremely swollen, painful and infected.  While GPs can prescribe antibiotics for the infection, that doesn’t cure the cause of the ingrowing nail.

An ingrowing toenail possibly requiring surgery

Treatment Options

The severity of the ingrowing toenail and how long it has been present can influence the treatment option. For ongoing, long term or reoccurring ingrowing nails often the best option is nail surgery to remove the offending piece of nail.


The Pain

While verrucae aren’t always painful there can be a certain stigma that comes with having one.

The Impact

They are contagious, so having one often means not wanting to go swimming or to get a pedicure. Painful verrucae often have a large build up of hard skin on them which makes them very uncomfortable to walk on. But mostly they are just a bit unsightly.

If Unresolved

Verrucae can spread on your foot and to members of your family. In fact you may have got it from a child or grandchild.

Before and after verrucae have been treated with Swift treatment

Treatment Options

Treatment will depend on many factors like your health, size of verruca, location of verruca and number of verrucae.

Luckily in clinic I offer a range of treatment options including:

  • Acid based treatment
  • Verrutop
  • Verruca needling
  • Swift microwave therapy

The Pain

No one wants to be relegated to wearing “granny shoes”, which is what some ladies feel is their only option to be pain free if they have bunions or forefoot pain.

The Impact

Pain, bent toes, corns and hard skin, shoes that pinch and rub, difficulty finding shoes that fit and are comfortable.

If Unresolved

Foot pain is usually a sign there is something abnormal going on. If this isn’t assessed then the pain could get worse. This could lead to possible deformities and restricted lifestyle, stopping you doing the things you love.

While bunions can only be ‘resolved’ surgically, early intervention can potentially stop them progressing to the point of pain and can keep you more comfortable and mobile.

A toe separator being fitted

Treatment Options

While true bunions and arthritic changes can't be reversed by anything other than surgery, there are things I can do to help alleviate certain problems in this area:

  • Foot mobilisations and manipulations
  • Toe props and separators
  • Footwear advice
  • Exercises
  • Orthoses (insoles)

Heel Pain, Arch & Ankle Pain

The Pain

Have you ever got out of bed in the morning and can't put your heel to the ground? Or been halfway through a walk and the pain in the back of your heel stops you going any further?

If this pain goes on for more than a few days then it's something you should get checked out.

The Impact

Pain in your heel, arch or ankle can be quite debilitating as it affects everything from your morning routine, to your job, hobbies and time with the family.

If Unresolved

Heel pain, ankle pain and arch pain can all be quite debilitating. They affect the way you walk which can set off other issues in the legs and body.

If left untreated, heel pain can become chronic and more difficult to treat.

Catherine Fletcher-Liddell treating a patient's heel pain at CF Foot Clinic Basingstoke

Treatment Options

There can be many reasons for getting pain in the heel, arch or ankle and so diagnosis is key. Treatments can range from:

  • exercise rehabilitation
  • foot or ankle mobilisation and manipulation
  • strapping and taping
  • orthoses (insoles)

Hard Skin, Cracked Heels & Corns

The Pain

Have you ever had cracked heels? It’s a bit like having a really bad paper cut that hurts every step you take.

Corns can feel like walking on a sharp bit of grit in your shoe. Both of these issues tend to start with the problem of hard skin.

The Impact

Cracked heels, especially in the summer, can be quite painful and unsightly and corns can feel like you have a little pin stabbing you with every step. It’s no fun when you have that nagging pain or discomfort. Who wants to be in pain when you are trying to enjoy time with friends or play with the grandchildren?

If Unresolved

Hard skin, if not treated, can develop into the problems of corns and cracked heels. It can also cause things like blood blisters. Cracked heels can also have the added issue of becoming open, bleeding and infected.

A foot with cracked skin on the heel

Treatment Options

Luckily treatment for these issues is simple, but not easy. I can help with advice on how to prevent these issues in the future, as well as self care treatment. I also offer expert removal of hard, cracked skin and corns.

So many people tell me how they didn't realise how much discomfort they were in with their hard skin issues. After they have been treated I often get the “walking on air” comment.

Catherine Fletcher-Liddell scanning a patient's feet at CF Foot Clinic Basingstoke
Catherine Fletcher-Liddell with a patient at CF Foot Clinic Basingstoke

FAQs about how I help you

Can a podiatrist help with ……?

Fungal nails? Ingrowing toenails? Verrucae? Corns or hard skin? Heel pain? Foot pain? Toe pain? Injury rehabilitation?

Yes to all the above. As a podiatrist in general practice I cover all these conditions and can help with a treatment plan.

Are ingrowing nails a common problem?

Yes. I myself have had one. They can occur for several different reasons including genetic nail shape, footwear, trauma and poor nail cutting technique (or picking!)

How much does it cost for a podiatry appointment?

If you are new to the clinic, an initial appointment is £58. This is a 30 minute appointment that will include assessment and treatment if possible, though its likely a follow up appointment could be needed.

A follow up appointment is £50.

If you need a specific treatment plan, this can vary in price and would be discussed at your appointment.

What assessment tools do podiatrists use?

The best assessment tools I have are my eyes and my hands. A lot can be assessed by looking and feeling.

For assessing your circulation and sensation I have a Doppler machine and specific sensory test devices.

How much does it cost to get ingrowing nails treated?

If this is treated with the nail surgery procedure, the cost is £425 for one toe and £475 for two toes. This is a package cost and includes follow up appointments.

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