10 tips for healthy feet

Graphic showing a person walking barefoot along a log

Some quick and easy ways to help keep your feet as healthy as possible:

●     Wash feet and change socks or hosiery daily, or if you get them wet or sweaty

●     Don't go sockless in shoes

●     Cut nails straight across or slightly rounded, not down into the corners

●     Moisturise the feet 3 times per week but avoid going between the toes

●     Alternate your shoes every day or as often as possible

●     Get your feet measured, don't assume as you've always been a 6 it means you will always be a 6. Try on the sizes above and below your usual, not all shoe manufactures or styles will come up the same.

●     Check your feet all over, including between the toes. Also check for any dark lines or spots appearing in the nails.

●     Wear the appropriate shoe for the task. Flip flops may be fine at the beach or around a pool but you should not be doing a 10k hike in them.

●     Avoid completely flat shoes and shoes with a heel that is more than 1.5 inches

●     If you are diabetic or suffer from any sensory or circulatory loss in the feet you should be checking them daily for any changes, sore spots, cuts and grazes, blisters.

●     Bonus tip - Podiatrists are foot specialists. If you have any problems or concerns about your feet we should be the first call #podsfixfeet