Too Early To Talk About Summer Feet?

As soon as the nice weather starts my clinic gets much busier, why?


Well this tends to signal the time people are starting to put their feet on show, either by going on holiday, wearing sandals or starting to do more things wear bare foot is an option. 


While its quite easy to remove a bit of hard skin or tidy up some nails there are some conditions that actually take a while to clear up. So if you want them gone for the summer season NOW is the time to start treating them. 


If you have a verruca that you want gone for the pool holiday or spa days these can take up to 6 months to go even with the best treatments like Swift and needling. 


Fungal nail infections can take 9-12 months to clear (or more depending on severity). 


Even musculoskeletal issues like heel pain (plantar fasciitis) can take several months to improve even with the best treatment plan for you. 


A lot of foot and lower limb issues are not a quick fix so if your New Year's resolution was a ‘new year, new you’ and to get these issues sorted there is no point waiting to a month before you go away, or have that charity race etc. 


Please contact the clinic and make an appointment to have your issue looked at before the mad rush and lets get treatment started.