New Year, New You…..?


New year, new you?


I always say I’m not one that puts too much stock in the new year and associated self improvements that tend to come with it, however every year I find myself making resolutions or at least tentative plans that I will look after myself better, eat better, exercise more, and lose that extra bit of weight that seems to creep back on. Often these lofty ideals are abandoned within a few weeks or a couple of months. Last year however we did manage to complete my goal of walking a marathon, and we did a whole year of ice skating lessons (not that my level of ice skating would show that!).


When it comes to your feet however it really is a good idea to start thinking about what you would like to treat/improve/resolve now. 


I get a lot of people coming to me a few weeks before their exciting summer holiday wanting to get rid of the fungal nail infection or verruca. Or people that have done no exercise until their ‘6 week to get a beach body program’ and get a foot or ankle injury. 


Unfortunately most things with the feet do take some time to resolve. Fungal nails can take up to a year , verrucas can take several months or more and foot and ankle injuries weeks or months. 


So if your goal is to make your feet more aesthetically pleasing you need the time to do the required treatment. If your goal is improved fitness or weight loss through increased exercise are your feet and legs ready? Do you need some pre-hab so you dont need re-hab? Building strength in the feet and legs is just as important as working those arm muscles for those bingo wings (just me???). So remember if you are upping your activity or starting something new ALL your muscles need time to adapt or they will get injured. I write this as I am currently suffering with DOMS in both legs from the first HIIT workout in a while…….the pain is real.


So really this is a gentle reminder that new year, new you can be a thing if there are things you want to accomplish this year. Just make sure you give yourself the time to do it.