Spring Forward

Blink and you miss it but allegedly spring is now upon us.    This is the time I usually start to get a bit busier in the clinic. The days are longer. The weather is (usually) a bit brighter, warmer and drier. And people feel more inclined to get up, go out and exercise!  …

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New Year, New You…..?

  New year, new you?   I always say I’m not one that puts too much stock in the new year and associated self improvements that tend to come with it, however every year I find myself making resolutions or at least tentative plans that I will look after myself better, eat better, exercise more,…

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Love Your Feet

How much do you love your feet?  I hear so many people say they hate feet, even their own feet! But your feet are so vital to you day to day life, mobility and overall happiness and wellbeing.  So how much do you do to care for your feet? Do you make sure your shoes…

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My marathon (walk) experience

In January 2023 I decided to have a bit of a mid life crisis and put on my list for this year to complete a marathon distance walk.    Doesn’t sound too bad I hear you say. Well the one we signed up for was in 4 weeks time!   Now I consider myself a…

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Too Early To Talk About Summer Feet?

As soon as the nice weather starts my clinic gets much busier, why?   Well this tends to signal the time people are starting to put their feet on show, either by going on holiday, wearing sandals or starting to do more things wear bare foot is an option.    While its quite easy to…

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What’s the difference between a podiatrist and a chiropodist?

Graphic showing Catherine Fletcher-Liddell outside CF Foot Clinic

You would not believe how many times I get asked this. This is something that often confuses people 1) because they don’t know the difference, or if there is a difference, and 2) because they often can’t pronounce Podiatrist, or haven’t heard of one. The truth is that there isn’t too much difference, if any.…

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I think I’ve got an ingrowing toenail

Graphic showing an ingrowing toenail

I speak from personal experience when I say in-growing toenails are extremely painful and unpleasant. They hurt when you walk, when you have shoes on, even in bed. They can bleed and weep and get infected. They are definitely not something you want to show off to people. What is an in-growing toenail? Technically an…

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10 tips for healthy feet

Graphic showing a person walking barefoot along a log

Some quick and easy ways to help keep your feet as healthy as possible: ●     Wash feet and change socks or hosiery daily, or if you get them wet or sweaty ●     Don’t go sockless in shoes ●     Cut nails straight across or slightly rounded, not down into the corners ●     Moisturise the feet 3…

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What is the best shoe?

Graphic showing a number of shoes

I get asked this in the clinic almost daily, and the answer is…….it depends. There are certain aspects of footwear which you should be looking for with a ‘good’ shoe but it is very much dependent on your foot. What should I be looking for? When picking the best shoe for you, you have to…

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Are barefoot shoes good or bad?

Graphic showing woman walking barefoot over rocks

Well it depends………. Barefoot shoes are neither good nor bad, but they will not necessarily be good for everyone. If you have spent your life in either heeled shoes or cushioned trainers then it’s likely that you will need to have a period of transition into a barefoot shoe otherwise you will probably experience some…

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